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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Over Dyeing with Snow!

Towards the end of February I created a post about dyeing larger pieces of fabric using the snow dyed technique. The snow is easy to manipulate and it allows me to dye a bulkier piece of fabric successfully. I was happy with the final results but wondered what would happen if I over dyed the fabric. 

Here are the results - I ended up with deeper more complex color patterns on the cloth and I'm now on the hunt for other fabrics that could use a second or third dip in the dye! 

The piece in the upper left was done first and
the above piece was over dyed

The above piece was dyed first
and the second dye bath is below

Again - the first dyed piece is above
and the second below

This has been a fun exercise and I like being able to manipulate fabric I've already worked with to create a piece of art cloth that has a different and fuller feel! 

What have you repurposed today? 

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