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Monday, March 3, 2014

Mosaic Challenge ~ You Could Win a 6" X 6" Fabric Pack!

Lesley Riley of The Printed Fabric Bee was February's "Queen" and asked her fellow artists to create fabrics with a mosaic theme in mind. Leslie provided a photo that inspired her and the "hive" was off to the studios creating pieces for her! 

I experimented with a number of techniques finally settling on freezer paper. If you only thought of freezer paper as something you wrap food in you'll be delighted to add a roll to your surface design toolbox! The paper is a nice heavy weight for creating patterns and the shiny side can be temporarily adhered to the fabric using a dry iron.

In contemplating a mosaic design I focused on creating small tiles in Lesley's color scheme of yellow, orange, purple and fuchsia.

The first step was to cut out a design using an exacto knife.

To create the little tiles I used just a small section of a stencil and
applied the fabric paint with a stencil brush.

This tile was made using a piece of plastic netting.

After the piece was painted I waited 24 hours to let the paint cure.
TIP: Let the paint dry in-between each color application to
avoid smudging the paint. Trust me it can happen!

Once the paint is dry peel off the freezer paper and heat set the paints using a dry iron.

I felt the fabric needed a little more purple so I put the cloth into an ice dye bath and waited another 24 hours for the ice to work it's magic! 

Here is Lesley's final piece... a very busy looking mosaic! 

Would YOU like a chance to win a 6" X 6" fabric pack of the same custom fabrics The Printed Fabric Bee created for Lesley? Check our facebook page or Lesley's blog for details on when the contest starts - within a day or two - GOOD LUCK!


  1. Simply stunning Carol! Also, there are requests for more Acadia scenes from the folks at Duncaster.

    1. Thanks Mary! Mmmm... more Acadia scenes eh?! That's good to know :)

  2. Love your fabric this month!-Julie

    1. Thanks Julie! I love the various interpretations each artist brings to the group! Have you thought about what you will do with your energetic spirals?!