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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ice Dye + Batik = Happy Fabric!

I've mentioned in previous posts that I have a basket where all my "unhappy" fabrics go. When I create a fabric that I'm not thrilled with I toss it into the basket to be reworked at another time. To me fabric is never unusable... just "unhappy" in it's current state! I recently pulled out some unhappy fabrics and using the batik technique I got some of them to a happy place... others went back into the basket... again! 

Hand dyed fabric with circles added using the batik technique

The original ice dyed fabric before adding soy wax

Once the soy wax was applied I dyed the fabric Indigo

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  1. Love it, Carol! Now the fabric glows!

  2. Hi Carol, do you think I could apply Batik wax then use the ice dye method ? Do you think the the ice will effect the wax ? it seems I want to do this in a different order than you have stated above. Thanking you :)

    1. Hi Sarah - what an interesting idea! I don't think the ice would have a negative impact with the wax. The ice dyes produce a water-color effect so whatever negative space the wax creates would need to be a strong contrast with the ice dyed colors. Otherwise the negative space might not be as sharp. I would LOVE to see and hear about your results!