Sunday, November 16, 2014

CT Surface Design Association Exhibition - 1 Down with Many More to Come!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of exhibiting with members from Connecticut's chapter of the Surface Design Association. For the past month we had been showing our work at the Mark Twain Library in Redding, CT. Saturday was the day for the artists to host a meet and greet with the community - we met many wonderful people who were sincerely interested in the art work! This is the first exhibition for the chapter and I'm super impressed with the members commitment and level of enthusiasm for connecting with the community through their art work.
Leslie Giulani and her Outlander inspired knitwear and cashmere collection. 

Alicia Caraballo shows her wears! 

This is the "Carol" corner! Felter Carol Ingram's work is to the left
and my work is behind it on the right! 

Co-rep's Ellen Schiffman and June Myles can be seen zipping around making sure the event was going smoothly. They are in the upper right with June wearing a blue vest and Ellen wearing a gray top. They did a fabulous job! 
Please click on the artists name to view their work! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chocolate and Caffeine!

Chocolate and caffeine are my not so secret pleasures! Even my self portrait highlights chocolate and caffeine... look closely at the fabrics to the left and you can see their influenceSince I am the proud owner of a new thermofax screen highlighting these elements I have an unexplained need to create more and more fabric showcasing this indulgence - it's ok not to make sense! 

The screen was created by fiber artist Terri Stegmiller. She is a fabulous fiber artist and I encourage you to hop over to her website to view her lovely artwork and shop in her Etsy store!

My buddy Roz Spann created this lovely rusted fabric piece that I've been holding onto for a special occasion. It's the perfect "hue" to go with the chocolate and caffeine feel so here you have it! 
The screen is used like any typical silk screen in a frame. The bonus with a thermofax screen is that it's reusable! 

It's always a thrill to lift the screen to find the treasure! 

Here is the completed piece... love... love Roz's rusted piece! 

Detail of my happy elements - I have the sudden urge to have a piece of chocolate with my coffee! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Time for a Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway!

Yippee! The Printed Fabric Bee is having another custom fabric giveaway! Sorry about the missing photos - many members have been to Quilt Market so their fabric photos will be available soon! 

 Jackie Lams of Studio Lams was the "queen" for October and she chose science as her theme. Jackie says she has always been fascinated by the design of anything at the microscopic level... plants, chemicals, different objects. Jackie feels they all have unique and beautiful designs when viewed through a microscope. She was excited to see how the Printed Fabric Bee artists would translate that into a surface design idea.

The only direction was "no pastels". I was super excited since I love science but as I worked through designs in my head it took some time to rein in all the options. Eventually I honed in on 2 of my favorites chemical elements... caffeine and chocolate! I asked the fabulous artist and thermofax/stencil maker extraordinaire, Terri Stegmiller to create a screen for me from my element design. 

I began with a piece of ice dyed cotton that reminded me of the colors in both coffee and chocolate. Next I used thickened dyes to and my thermofax screen to cover the surface of the fabric with brown, white and cobalt blue elements. I didn't take any pictures of the process... totally forgot which is unlike me! 

For your chance to win a collection of 6" X 6" squares of all the other awesome science inspired fabrics hop over to Jackie's blog and post a comment. She will select a winner on November 17th! 

Have a look at how all these pieces were created by visiting everyone's blogs:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Screen Collage!

After reading Susan Purney Mark's article titled, "Color Blocking" in the October/November issue of Quilting Arts Magazine I could hardly wait to get started! Susan described using thickened dyes and a silk screen to create blocks of color across the surface of the fabric. I had never thought to use a screen like this; I've only used the screen as a method of transferring a design... this is different - this is cool!  

Susan's technique was very freeing and I've already whipped through 5 yards of of screen collage designs. Here is how I interpreted Susan's method!
I used bright green, raspberry and cobolt blue 

I kept repeating until the surface was filled 

Lastly I added some texture with a non-skid rug mat 

For a twist I added strips of freezer paper on the screen

Once the dye sets I'll add another design to the striped piece... not sure what that will be but it defiantly needs more work! 
Give the technique a try... tweak it and go in all kinds of new directions! 
Thank you Susan... 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ohhhh... I promise this book will be a real delight! Julie's famous for providing innovative ways to print on any fabric surface. Her instructions are easy to follow and realistic. I think every fabric lover will want one this holiday... but why not take a chance to win one of Julie's custom collections as well. Hurry - the pre order giveaway ends November 3rd! 

Steps for Entering the Pre-Order Giveaway for Fabric Printing at Home:

1. If you haven’t ordered yet clcik here: Fabric Printing at Home. You will be automatically direct you to the Quarry Bookstore where you can choose your favorite online bookseller to pre-order Julie's book. If you’ve already pre-ordered Julie's book (thanks!), just continue with the steps below to join the giveaway.

2. After pre-ordering Fabric Printing at Home, you’ll need to send an email with proof of purchase to Be sure to also include a mailing address and if you are among the first one hundred to respond, you will receive an autographed bookplate! You will now own (or can gift) a copy of Fabric Printing at Home signed by Julie!

3. Whether or not you are among the first one hundred to respond, your proof of purchase automatically makes you eligible for the entry in the fabric giveaway.

4. The pre-order giveaway ends at midnight (Eastern USA time) on Monday, November 3, 2014. On Tuesday, November 4, a winner will be randomly chosen to receive the selection of hand painted and printed fat quarter fabrics. 

Good luck!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop - Round Two!

Although I posted an Around the World Blog Hop a few weeks ago I have more great artists that I simply must share with you! Highlighted today is the fabulous Kate Themel. I met Kate at one of the first CT SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) meetings that I attended where she presented a topography series... it was crazy good! She had developed a unique layering technique to get the end results she was looking for and I became an instant fan!  

Kate's created custom fiber art for individuals and corporate clients and her unique fiber pieces have been exhibited in art galleries and museums from Boston to Botswana. Her work has been juried into international fiber art exhibitions such as Quilt National, Art Quilt Elements and the Kagoshima Quilt Show in Japan. Kate recently earned the Young Emerging Artist Award and the People's Choice Award for her work in Quilt National '11.

Kate enjoys sharing ideas with other artists and encouraging people to develop their own creative instincts. Kate offers a variety of classes and lectures ranging from one hour to full day workshops. She and I collaborate on her Magnolia Workshop by using my ice dyed fabrics for the projects she teaches. For more information about Kate's workshops, exhibition schedule and artwork please click here... enjoy! 

I have two other talented artists to share today... Lin-Hsin Chen and Terry Waldron. I became acquainted with both women when I curated The Color Wheel of Emotions exhibition through SAQA which traveled around the US for more than a year. After working on the exhibtion for so long it was kind of sad to let it go... I was delighted with this opportunity to continue to share the artists with all of you! Lin-Hsin's piece titled, "Warm Love" was an expression of a mother's enduring love and support. Terry was the exhibitions juror and I can attest to the hours she poured over all the submitted artwork to create a fabulous cohesive exhibition that shared my vision as curator. She was great to partner with! 

Lin-Hsin Chen was born and raised in Taiwan. She has been organizing exhibitions and teaching for 20 years. Lin-Hsin supports students or groups to collaborate together on large-sized collective works. Lin-Hsin states, "Needles and threads are like my mentors; they lead me to absorb and mature. My thoughts and feelings are well-expressed in various forms and beyond boundaries through the narrative talents of works". She finds endless inspiration in nature and loves to play with various kinds of fabric prints by exploring the combination of possibilities for a new vision. Global environmental issues are close to her heart and reflected in her work. Lin-Hsin is the President of Taiwan Art Quilt Society (TAQS). For a prospectus on the upcoming exhibit, Protect the Earth's Environment, click here.  Lin-Hsin is a SAQA Juried Artist member and the SAQA Regional Representative of Taiwan. Have fun exploring Lin-Hsin's artwork - you will become a raving fan! Please click here for more information.

Terry Waldron is an award-winning fiber artist whose work hangs in art museums, galleries, and in patrons' homes, too.  She is a quilter, teacher and author with work published in several books and magazines. In addition to being a juror Terry has curated and judged fiber art exhibitions and had the unique expereince of having Simply Quilts with Alex Andersen shoot a segment in her homeTerry holds degrees in both art and English Literature and is a Fellow in the UCI Writing Project.  As a life-long high school teacher and now a busy fiber art teacher traveling all around the country, Terry loves to show others that they, too, are born artists! Her inspiration comes from taking notice of details in her surroundings. Terry encourages people to not just look straight ahead but to look UP and DOWN... way down to notice the smaller treasures not normally observed. Terry is a SAQA Professional Member and affiliated with Quilt Visions, California Fiber Artists and Quilts on the Wall. For more information on Terry and to view her exquisite art click here

As you most likely know already the spirit of the Around the World Blog Hop is to answer some questions to share who I am as an artist. Since I posted a few weeks ago I will provide an abridged version and hope that you will click back a few posts for a more complete picture of my work and what makes me tick! 

What am I working on?
The answer to this question changes almost daily. It's not that I'm scattered it's just that inspiration hits me and I act on it or make notes until I have the time to explore the idea. I just completed a series of shawls and scarves for an upcoming exhibition/sale on November 15th at the Mark Twain Library in Redding, CT being organized by SDA (Surface Design Association). Also, I recently went deep into an Indigo frenzy and everything got dipped in the vat and lately I've asked fiber artist Terri Stegmiller to create custom Thermofax Screens for my designs. A shout out to Terri - she is not only an incredible fiber artist but through her Etsy shop she'll create custom screens for you in addition to offering her own collection of screen and stencils

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My work comes directly from my head and heart. I'm influenced by the natural world and love understanding techniques and processes so I can take my work to the next level. I sincerely believe that following this individual path differentiates my work from other fiber artists. 

Why do I write/work what I do?
I'm wired this way... for me being an artist is part of my personality and seeps into all other areas of my life and decision making. 

How does my working process work?
At the risk of sounding over simplistic an idea comes to me either by thinking through a topic or by having something in nature catch my eye. I roll that thought around in my head sorting through how to achieve the end result and once I have a path I get to work in the studio. The path is never straight and zigs and zags while keeping the vision for the end result in my mind's eye. 

Please check out my work on FaceBook at Carol R. Eaton Designs and Pinterest I'm a member of The Printed Fabric Bee which is a collection of professional surface design artists. The group hosts a monthly giveaway and for a chance to win your own custom fabric collection follow The Printed Fabric Bee Blog!

Check out a sampling of the other artists participating in the Around the World Blog Hop!