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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mixed Techniques!

I'm still pulling fabrics from my "to be continued" basket and reworking the surfaces. This piece repeats the circle shape as more layers are added using a number of techniques. 

I started with 100% cotton and painted the surface using Setacolor fabric paint.
I stamped some found objects and stenciled ferns across the surface. 

Next I melted soy wax and using a circular shaped sponged
stamped the hot wax across the surface. 

The piece was over dyed with ice creating a terracotta background.

I mixed green fabric paint with a clear decolorant and sponged circle shapes on the fabric. Once the product is dry I heat set with an iron. As the fabric absorbs the heat the circle shapes begin to appear - It's like magic!

This is one of my favorite stencils and I thought the piece needed some
dragonflies flitting about.  

Here is the finished piece

If you'd like information on purchasing this one yard piece please click on the "Mixed Techniques" tab at the top of the blog. 

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