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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Printed Fabric Bee Give Away Time!

Yippee! Another Printed Fabric Bee give away is here! This month Susan Mark Purney requested an industrial theme. For a chance to win a 6" X 6" collection of this custom fabric please leave a comment on Susan's blog or hop over to The Printed Fabric Bee's blog and comment there. Susan will pick a winner on July 10th! 

Wow - an industrial design required some thought and a different perspective on colors, shape and texture for me. I had a few false starts but once I got warmed up I was off and running!
I started with a piece of fabric that I had earlier dyed with indigo and then over dyed with a rust/orange. Freezer paper was my method of choice this month! I cut out circles and adhered the paper to the fabric. I used the stencil design inside the circles with fabric paint. Once it was dry I pulled the paper off and voila - a crisp circle! 
Next I used slices of freezer paper and fabric paint to create grid-like lines.
I continued to add layers of circles until the design felt right. At the last minute I included some little rectangles shapes from a thermofax screen.
Here is Susan's finished piece! Now get on over to her blog for a chance to win the custom fabric pack - it's a truly unique collection with the artists outdoing themselves with this challenge!

Please take a moment to become familiar with all the artists in the Fabric Bee! I'm in awe to be working with this talented group! The Printed Fabric Bee will take the month of July off and back in August with a brand new collection!

Susan Purney Mark: