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Monday, July 21, 2014

Surface Design Play Date!

The weather was perfect and the company supreme! The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective got together for a surface design play date! Our group was long overdue for some getting messy time. 
Members: Diane Cadrain, Linda Martin, Karen Loprete, Rosalind Spann, Christina Blais, Antoinia Torres, Me and Wanda Seldon. Taking the photo is Mary Lachman.
The group got busy creating one of a kind fabrics using many techniques: ice dyeing, confetti dyeing, painting, and sun-printing. We manipulated the fabric for interesting results and I can't wait to see what these fabulous artists create with their treasures! 
Fun - fun - fun!

Wanda Seldon thinking about the next color to add to her ice dyed piece.

Diane Cadrain's confetti dyed piece!

Diane Cadrain and Mary Lachman wrapping fabric Shibori style
to dip into the indigo vat! 

Antonia Torres using a stencil!

Rosalind Spann and Karen Loprete discussing techniques!  

Wanda Seldon's dramatic confetti dyed piece! 

Linda Martin is hooked on fabric painting! 

Rosalind Spann painting with dye!

Mary Lachman and Karen Loprete experimenting with sun-printing!

Rosalind so generously shared her newly created rust fabric with me... gimme... gimme... gimme... yippee! 

Christina Blais was on the hunt for yellow fabric so she created her own! 
The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective exhibits their art work all around the state and currently showing "Jazz Tones" at the Pearl Street Gallery in Hartford, CT. Click here for the artists comments sbout how they approach the creative process.  

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