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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ice Dyeing Vintage Textiles

I'm of an age where my folks and their generation are clearing the clutter so to speak. They've started to give away items collected over a lifetime to simplify their lives. Recently my mom was helping her dear sweet friend Ethel consolidate her space when they came across some doilies and crocheted table runners made long ago. About the same time my mother in law gave me a pile of forgotten fabrics she'd discovered tucked away under the eves. 

It was fun poking through my treasures and I couldn't resist tossing a few into the ice dye. Some of you may feel the vintage integrity is lost by dyeing but my perspective is that I'm adding a new chapter to their story!

The doily absorbed the dye well and I think the soft colors keep the vintage look intact. I have to wonder though... what would super bright modern colors do for the look and would it resonate more to the 20-something generation?!  
My treasure from my mother in law's pile was a loosely woven fabric. I think it's 100% cotton - it feels super soft and light weight. The fabric is only a yard and I wish there was more! 
This photo has black behind the fabric to show the weave detail.

This photo has tan behind it to bring out more of the overall colors.

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