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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sisters: finding inspiration in a photograph

"Sisters" was inspired by a photograph I took of Hannah and her sister Lindsey while on vacation in Maui. We were on the back side of Mt. Haleakala when we came across a beautiful stone church. The setting was so simple and peaceful we stopped to enjoy the serenity. Once I took the photo I knew I wanted to include the sisters in a design because it was such a caring scene. I live in New England and wanted the sisters to be in a more familiar setting so I decided they would equally enjoy picking apples... that's the beauty of the inspiration; you can take it in any direction you'd like!

Hand painted background with varies dying techniques for the other fabrics.
27.5" X 12.5"

The design on the back of the jacket was created by felting wool roving.

The sisters hair was made from confetti dyed fabric.

The original photo of Hannah and Lindsey!


  1. Thanks Mary! It was fun to do.... I'm thinking about putting the sisters in other scenes for a series. So many ideas... so little time!