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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Neddle Felting + Confetti Dying = A Water Lily Tablerunner

One of my favorite places to kayak is in a lagoon area off Silver lake. I call it "dragonfly world" because there are more dragonflies in that one area than you could ever imagine - it's amazing! You can even hear their wings vibrating; they sound like paper tearing. There are also a ton of beautiful water lilies and I really wanted to recreate the feel of the lagoon and turn it into a table runner.

The first task was to create the lily's and leaves. I used the needle felting technique which is demonstrated in the photos below...

Here are the finished lily's and leaves. I added a few beads to the center of each flower.

I used a piece of confetti dyed fabric as the base with avocado green for the sashing. It was fun to do and I really enjoy combining different techniques into each piece.

What are your favorite techniques to combine?

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