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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ice Cube Dying - Weekend Results!

I had some time to play around with more ice cube dying this weekend! I've learned that the container you dye your fabric in makes a difference in the end results. I've switched back to my old standby of children's pails. The shape and size is perfect for a 1 yard piece of fabric. When using a rectangle shaped container the dye didn't meander enough for my tastes.

What type of container do you use?!


  1. what kind of container should i use to get the result exact as this purple fabric_? please help

    1. Hi - I use a container that is about 2.5 quarts for a 1 yard length of fabric. Try to keep the fabric loose. The fewer the creases (folds) the more it will look like the purple piece! Good luck!

  2. Hi I'd really like to know how you did the bottom artwork! When you say "children's pails" do you mean cylinder ones like for the beach?

  3. What dye colours did you use for the bottom (purple) piece and the green piece? GORGEOUS!!!!