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Monday, January 5, 2015

Old World Maps - The Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway!

Old World maps is a favorite topic for fellow Bee artist Lisa Chin! She is fascinated by them and the Printed Fabric Bee dug deep to create some very interesting custom fabrics. There are still a few artists finishing up their pieces but the giveaway fun has begun! Jump over to Lisa's blog to post a comment and you are automatically entered into the drawing! I loved the idea of Old World maps and had fun creating an antique look from something new...

I created a fictional 1674 European city. I started by staining the fabric with tea and splatterings of paint.  I had a stencil of a modern city and using a little of one section and than another I built Lisa's Old World map. It was challenging to get the old flavor but once again my involvement with the Printed Fabric Bee pushed me outside my comfort zone to explore... and I love exploring! 

Here is my 6' X 6" giveaway piece. Please head over to Lisa's blog to leave your comment before the January 15th drawing - click HERE Lisa has links to all the other artists and you can follow their design approach and progress to creating their custom piece. 


  1. Love the rich, vintage color you achieved!
    Thank you for incorporating parts my map symbols stencil, too! :)

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