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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thermofax Screen + Ice Dyeing!

I finished the covered bridge piece. I'm going to create a series of prints using the bridge titled the "Wedding Series" . I know it's not the most dramatic title but it describes it accurately

I showed a few photos in yesterdays post on how I started the design. Below is a recap for you:
Terri Stegmiller made the thermofax screen from Hannah's wedding invitation design.

I applied fabric paint from Speedball.

I continued the design across the surface of the fabric. I let the paint cure for about 12 hours and then heat set using a dry iron. 

The final step was to ice dye the fabric. The goal was to use summer colors to represent the area where Hannah and Connor will be married. 


  1. The design looks so good on that fabric you dyed.

    1. Thanks Terri - you made the fun possible with your custom thermofax screen options!