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Friday, July 26, 2013

Painted Canvas and Applique!

I've been painting on canvas with typical fabric paints just to explore and have fun. The canvas is a little unusual - it's very dense and even after washing there seems to be a bit of finish left on the surface. Not to be discouraged I kept on painting! This particular piece grabbed my attention making me stop painting and start designing. The colors and shapes on the fabric are playful and reminded me to be free!

I instantly wanted to design a very simple vase with flowers that left the appearance of a sketch rather than a well developed subject. It was refreshing to be fluid and free with the design and a pleasure to go into the studio to work on it. To finish the piece I mounted on canvas stretchers.

Flowers at Play
20" X 15"
Here is the painted canvas before I started

Detail of the flowers with just a hint of color

This photo shows the free motion quilting in the background

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