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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Confetti Dyeing - Working Outside!

The price of having fun with dyes!
I love working outside and despite the record heat I've been getting outside to mess around with the dyes! I decided to create some confetti dyed projects. I chose 4 yards but will only show you a few. The others went into the "to be continued" pile.

Purple, Yellow and Raspberry
The dye is sprinkled across the surface of the fabric.
I hung the fabric on the line and sprayed with soda ash and water to allow the dye to blend and meander down the surface.


Pink and Blue Stripes

Look at the variety of dye particles in this piece!
 The pieces that went into the "to be continued" pile need more pizazz. I may over dye with ice or maybe experiment with batik... as I said - to be continued!


  1. I did something similar to your confetti dying myself. The family were all raving about the bits & pieces that I had made. They were trying to figure out what the different shapes/patterns looked like. So far I have only made one single bed quilt for my eldest daughter, a few years back. I must get back into playing with dyes again & also make something from the pieces too. I have grand kiddies now & they love bright colours so they might be the ones getting some of my I used salt, then rolled the fabric up on a tube & sat the tube upwards to help it drain & dry. They only thing is you DO need warm weather to help it dry.... it can take a few days... yes I have gotten impatient & undone the fabric early & yes it was still wet, so I just laid it on an old table outside so I wouldn't lose too much of the pattern. Enjoy yourself at you showing, & good luck.
    From another dying made female in Australia,

    1. You are a kindred spirit!

      Happy Creating!

    2. Thank you, I think if you love colour.... you are a good person to be with. therefore you too Carol.
      Happy Dying,