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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun Fabric Sale!

The one thing I might like more than creating fabric is talking about how to create fabric! This past weekend I had the opportunity to sell my fabrics at the Village Square Quilt show in Scarsdale, NY. They were a welcoming group of quilters who put together a lovely show. I gave a lecture each day and connected with creative and enthusiastic artists! It was so cool to hear how each person planned to incorporate the fabric into their designs. I've asked folks to send me pictures of their completed work so I can share them with you! I'm going to create a page on the blog titled, Customer Gallery... can't wait to get started - game on ladies - now you need to finish a piece!

I plan to create some dyeing workshops this summer and do another show in the fall - more info to come!


  1. you sell online?? Love so many in that photo! :)

    1. Well yes I do! I had planned to update my pages once the show was over and I knew what inventory I had available... but alas, I have not checked this task off my list yet. Is there something in particular that caught your eye? I could email you photos... fat quarters are $6, ½ yards are $10, 1 yard pieces are $20 and I have some larger pieces with the price going up exponentially – paypal works best – shipping is extra. Let me know if you want pics – happy to oblige!