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Monday, April 22, 2013

Blocks & Ivy Fabric = A Creative Journey

It was a long process to create this Block & Ivy fabric. I used many, many techniques to complete the piece.

Blocks & Ivy
100% cotton - 2 Yards

I started by dyeing a piece of PFD cotton using ice and a camel color. Once the fabric cured I removed some color using a sponge and SoftSrub... just enough to create a block-type texture. The spaces between the blocks was made by cutting up a kitchen sponge and stamping across the surface of the fabric. I created three silk screens from freezer paper for the ivy. I thought it still needed a bit more so I carved ivy from a block and stamped a final layer of leaves over the previously screened ivy.

I need to live with the piece for a while before deciding if I like it and what project could be made from it. The fun for me was creating the fabric - perhaps another artist will find a way to use the piece?!

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  1. Carol, this is really lovely! I love that you used several different techniques to achieve your results, and look forward to seeing this as a beautiful foundation for a future proect!