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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Final Snow Dyed Project of the Season!

It took me a few months to fully embrace snow dyeing this winter but once I got the creative energy flowing I took full advantage of Mother Natures gift from the sky! This past Sunday there was one tiny little pile of snow left in the yard which begged to be used up in dramatic fashion!

I had to pick sticks and grass out of the snow!

One final bin of snow sprinkled with dye powder!

The tablecloth is 120" long and made from artist canvas. It's the largest piece I've ever created and the heavier fabric was a bear to rinse and wring but I'm happy! My goal was to create a tablecloth that reminded me of a summer garden in bloom.


  1. You never know, sticks and grass could have created some cool effects. Ha ha! It is gorgeous!

    1. You're so right - I should have left it alone! On to a batik project that's been rolling around in my head!

      Your new stencils are wonderful! For anyone not farmilar please check them out at Terri also has tips on how to use the stencils... gotta check it out!