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Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting on Fabric - Under the Sea Series

I've switched gears from paint and wax to paint and whatever else I can find! My son's friend, Sarah, is having a once in a lifetime experience off the coast of Colombia. You can follow her adventures at Wool Gathering By Day. The photos Sarah has been sharing of her dives is a real treat and I'd love to create a series of fabric inspired by the marvelous colors, shapes and shadows of life under the sea!

I have two one yard pieces completed just to get the create energy flowing. There is soooo much more going on in my head and as fate would have it my next roll of 30+ yards of PFD fabric is scheduled to be delivered today - just in time for the weekend!
The color combinations may not "read" under the sea to everyone but it's what I was feeling at the time and I find the combination soothing.

Hand painted using translucent Setacolor paints
and salt for movement


Hand painted using translucent Setacolor paints.
Once the paint dried I crinkled the fabric, misted with water
and using a 2" brush I hit the tops of the crinkles with additional paint



  1. Beautiful I look out at the recent 8" of snow, I'm tempted to try snow dying. Not my "thing" but, results like yours are fascinating.

    1. Oh you must try snow dyeing before its too late :) It's so fun and now that I've been using that technique on a regular basis it seems natural to walk outside my studio, scoop up some snow and have some fun! I’m down to my last little pile of snow now… time to think about getting my outdoor studio prepped!

      Let me knwo if you go for it!