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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploring Found Objects for Snow Dyeing!

I'm on the hunt for found objects I can tie into fabric to create unusual designs. I want to keep snow dyeing because it's easier to cover the lumpy fabric with snow than ice cubes and I just love... love the unexpected results that occur with melting.

I have many smooth stones around that could be interesting...

Maybe bottle tops?

 Smokey... nooooo... just kidding... she hates being cold and wet!

I went with another attempt using recycled containers. I discovered that I enjoy working with 2 yard pieces of fabric verse my typical 1 yard and the larger containers lend itself to a quick design. I wasn't excited about the placement of the circles in this finished piece. I've got something in my head I'm trying to create so it's back to the snow pile for another attempt! I'm going for a meandering look and this one reads more uniform.

I added some whiffle balls along with the containers to fill in some "empty" spots.

As a reminder I used recycled yogurt and cottage cheese containers to create the circles.


  1. How about empty dye containers? I re-use mine, but for storage... wonder how they would do for this, as well as the lids?

    1. A great suggestion! I think they would work just fine... gotta give it a try!