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Monday, March 27, 2017

Enhancing Painted Fabric!

I love to paint fabric! It's a very free and lose feeling to swish the brush across the fabric surface. Although once a piece is heat set it might not feel quite finished. There may be a piece that's a little too quiet while others need more attention to pull out their full design potential. 

Although the below pieces are not overly dramatic they are good examples of when a painted fabric needs some enhancement before feeling finished!

I started by laying the fabric outside across river stones and painted the entire surface with 2 shades of blues. I was hoping for dramatic textures from the stones but when it dried it was kind of boring! 
I decided to create a fine layer of silver shimmer across the surface. I thinned some metallic paint, moistened the fabric surface and started to paint! 

I opted to paint indoors on bamboo fencing just to see if I could create a bit of texture. 

Granted this is not a great photo but I was trying to show you how the metallic created some silver bling! The blues are much darker and brighter and with the silver metallic bling it's a fun piece!
The second piece started as a typical swirly, swishy piece. It had interesting designs but I wondered what would happen if I added some stenciling. 

Not sure If I'm done yet or not... I'll leave it on the design wall for a few days to see if I settle into the design or if another enhancement starts to emerge! 
 What types of enhancements do you try on fabric?


  1. I really like them both, Carol. What do you paint your fabric with? Dyes or acrylic paint?

    1. Thanks! I use Setacolor Fabric Paints By Pebeo. I purchase most of my supplies from Dharma Trading Company!