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Monday, July 4, 2016

Mother's Whispers!

My adult children are scattered across the US and even though I know they are happy and healthy I think of them daily and send them silent wishes. I imagine all mother's have favorite wishes they send to their kids either big or small. Let me share mine with you!

I started by writing my wish on a piece of parchment paper and rolled it into a scroll. I dug around in my scrap basket to pull out fabric that symbolized my wish. I added a few thermofax screen and stencil designs to help tell my story. The installation is cording with cut down clothes pins to hang each piece. 
Mother's Whispers
each piece is 6" X 8"

May you continue to be blessed with strong healthy bodies and keen minds!

The element symbols are for chocolate and coffee... now I know that is not a long term diet for a healthy body but you can add some fun into the mix!  
I wish you a lifetime of curiosity about people, places and how things work!

I rusted the fabric and added some commercial travel stencils. Everyone in my family embraces adventure and cultures. I wish our future generations continue to be curious about the world.
Keep reaching for your goals and be confident with the path you choose!

My son Rob created this confetti dyed fabric and I've been saving it for a special project. For the "life" ladder I painted wooden sticks and laced them together with silk thread. Following your dreams can be filled with doubt along the way and I wish my kids keep climbing and reaching for the stars.  
May you experience endless unconditional love! 

Here is another rusted fabric that had a sweet heart shape right in the center! I added snippets of Rob's fabric symbolizing an overflow of love spreading everywhere and encompassing my children's lives.

Take time to find balance in your life!

I started with a discharged piece of fabric. I wanted to keep the design super simple with a calmness about it. It's a daily focus to keep life balanced and my wish for the kid's is they discover a way to balance all the demands they will encounter as they move through the years.
I enjoyed working on multiple smaller pieces and I liked the idea of a scroll. I think I'll take those 2 elements and incorporate them into my next family oriented piece. Have you tried anything like this before! 



  1. I love this idea, Carol! Very nice!

  2. What a lovely installation, I enjoyed reading about how you made each individual piece.

  3. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!