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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Look What Heidi Proffetty Did!

Look at this lovely piece titled "Erin" created by the fabulous Heidi Proffetty! Heidi's mosaic style is so unique that the design draws me in and I can't turn my head away until I look at every single element. I was thrilled to know that Heidi used my fabrics in her design! 

Heidi gets her inspiration from photos she takes and then creates a pattern in her mosaic style. Next she selects fabric to highlight the shadows and textures of the design. You should defiantly check out Heidi's website where she discusses her process in more detail!
Click here

Here is Erin coming to life. Adding quilting to the design is like magic in the way it adds so much more depth to the piece! Heidi is also on facebook - check her out!  

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