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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One Color Palette + Paint Brushes, Plastic Balls, Ice Cubes & Bleach = A Variety of Results!

A fellow artist asked me to create some fabric in a specific color palette for an upcoming project. She was also looking for foliage and water colors. That just happens to be one of my favorite palettes so I was excited to get started! 

I choose 2 soft blues and 3 greens for the project. Since I wanted to offer a variety of designs to choose from I decided to incorporate low immersion dyeing (sort of!) and ice dyeing.The thing I'd like you to remember is that in every piece I used the same color combination yet the outcomes are very different from one another. 
Once I mixed the dye and water I opted to paint the dye onto the fabric surface.
After I washed the dyed piece I went back and discharged some color for a more "watery" feel! 

For this piece I tied small plastic balls randomly in the fabric. I painted the dye across the very lumpy surface! 

Detail of the "lumpy" fabric

This fabric was the most mellow in the project. I scrunched the fabric and brushed the tops of the raised surface with dye. 

Now you can see how the colors seem to shift.
This piece is ice dyed and the colors are deeper.

The exact same color combinations are being used but with the ice technique there are more unpredictable results! 

This is another ice dyed piece. Just like one of the other fabrics after I washed it I went back to discharge some color. 
We shall see if any of the fabrics catch the clients eye... and if not that's OK too! Each project is a challenge and allows me to stretch myself and grow as a surface design artist! 

Hope you are enjoying your summer and getting OUTSIDE to create beautiful art! 


  1. Love the variations! What colors were you using? I've been doing a lot of ice dyeing lately, but mostly with one color at a time to see how they separate. Now I'm on the lookout for colors I can use together that combine well.

  2. I've seen your lovely ice dyed posts! Great idea doing the single colors first to learn how the particles separate - always a surprise! I don't remember the exact colors I used in this post but I know it was 2 different blues and 3 different Greens - all soft tones. When I get a combination I really like I've started to write it down :) Keep the ice dyes coming!