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Friday, June 24, 2016

A Chance to Win One of a Kind Fabric!

I am the guest blogger for The Printed Fabric Bee during the month of June. Each week I had an opportunity to interview a guest and introduce a unique surface design technique with a focus on working in Plein Air! 

Week 1: Creating an Outdoor Work Space + Ice Cube Fabric Painting
Week 2: Cyanotype & Heligraphic Printing with Sue Reno
Week 3: Rusting Fabric with Maggie Vanderweit
Week 4: Fabric Painting, Dyeing & Discharging Fabrics from a clothesline ~ Finding Creative Inspiration with Lorie Hancock McCown

Hop over to The Printed Fabric Bee blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a pack of fat quarters for each technique discussed in June. The winner will be announced June 30th! 

Only one more post before the Working in Plein Air Series is over and The Printed Fabric Bee moves onto our next member's inspirations and techniques for the month of July!

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