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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lake Colors - Hand Painted Fabric!

I love the way lake water looks with it's reflective colors and varies shades of blue. I'm enamored with the the colors as they change from the surface of the water to the reeds and rocks below. The lake I visit in New Hampshire is incredibly clear and allows me a sneak peek at the critters who make the lake their home.

To keep the spirit of the lake with me I hand painted some cotton using
Seta Color translucent paints. 

I started by painting the reeds.
I experimented with different techniques. One piece I painted directly onto the fabric and one piece I laid a piece of organza on the top and allowed the paint to seep through onto the cotton below. When I pulled the organza off the results surprised me. Although it wasn't what I expected it had a fun vibe to it. 

Once they dried I added a dragonfly stencil to remind me of
the wetland area I kayak in! 

This is the piece that had organza on the top. I wasn't thrilled with the organza and I tossed it into the "until next time" basket. Some day I'll rework it into something else! 

This is the piece I painted directly onto the cotton - surprise - this is the backside! I liked the way it had texture which isn't how the front came out! I can picture the fabric with some thread painting... 


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