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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Confetti Dyeing!

I've enjoyed a wonderful summer and it's hard to imagine the bulk of the warm weather in New England is behind us. It reminds me I'd better get going if I want to have an inventory of Confetti Dyed fabrics! Although I can create small batches of fabric indoors it's really an outside technique because it's so dang messy! 

In this session I sprinkled dye across the surface in 2 different ways. I either sprinkled the dye and let it sit undisturbed on the fabric or I scrunched the fabric and then sprinkled the dye across the surface. It was tons-o-fun! If you give it a try don't forget to wear a MASK - super important! Also, the fabric is soaked in soda ash and water prior to adding the dye. Please feel free to email me if you have questions about the technique:

Here is a detail of a piece that looks very celestial! 
The full piece
Here are some more detail photos. If you'd like to see the full piece let me know but the details photograph more true to the colors!


In this piece I dragged a comb across the dye!
In these next 2 pieces I scrunched the fabric before applying the dye. It gives the fabric a nice texture... the skies the limit for what to create from it! 


Give it a try... my suggestion is to take the project outside! The dye tends to wander and make it's own decisions about where it will land! 

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