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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Snow Shoeing + Lichen = Inspiration!

When I go snow shoeing I tend to get caught up in looking at the trees and rocks due to the stark contrast between the snow and everything else. I noticed this tree with beautiful lichen growing in circles along the bark. For the rest of the adventure I kept thinking about how to create that very cool lichen-look. 

I started by dyeing a half yard of cotton in the color Jade. Once the fabric was rinsed and washed I used a large round sponge to stamp melted soy wax in a random pattern... trying to channel my inner lichen! Lastly, I immersed the fabric in a dye bath of Havana Brown. It's a bear to cure the waxy cloth but it was the only way I could think of to achieve that lacy lichen look! 

I'm defiantly going to continue creating a lichen-look design only next time I'll tone down the jade to create a softer color. Maybe I'll try thickened dye rather than soy wax... to be continued!   


  1. Beautiful! When you say 'cure', are you referring to the batching or the laundering? I use soy wax a lot, and usually don't have problems so I'm interested in what you are having trouble with. Your results are lovely!

    1. Hi Judy! Yes - when I said cure I meant getting rid of the wax and washing the fabric! I've been panicked about the wax going into the drain so I rinse it a few times in a bucket which I dispose of behind my garden. Maybe I'm overreacting and would love to hear what you do! If you respond here it will be helpful to others who could also use some advice!