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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting Inventory Ready for Fiberlandia Sales - April 30th!

Slow and steady wins the race... it's my April mantra! I WILL have enough inventory for sale... I WILL have enough inventory by the April 30th SAQA conference! It's time to crush distractions and focus on creating piles and piles of one-of-a-kind fabrics for sale! When every piece is unique it can be pretty slow going but with my new mantra I will be fine (I think!).

Over the weekend I created a small but decent pile of "design starters". Each piece was screened onto my fabric and can be used to spark the beginnings of a new fiber art piece. 
This design was created by Hannah my talented daughter-in-law. I printed about a dozen in a variety of colors. They would be beautiful incorporated into a wall hanging or perhaps on a handbag!

This sweet teacup was designed by Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Textiles Studio!
Drop by her website to see her latest projects... QA's TV... DVD's and more! 

I can't remember the next 2 artists who created these lovely designs but I will defiantly dig into my files to figure it out! My wish is for artists to sign the screens before they ship them out. I feel sad when I forget who the original screen designer was! 

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  1. Hi Carol- Good luck with the all that snow you had this winter helped with your "one-of-a-kinds". Love the idea of the design starter! Might have to file that one away for students who need a jumpstart!