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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow + Clamps + Dye = Awesome Designs!

I waited for it to warm up from -10 to about 5 degrees before venturing out to collect snow for dyeing! Baby it's cold in Connecticut right now... but I digress! With this challenging weather comes an abundance of snow to dye with and for that I am grateful! 

I'm still experimenting with clamps. I wasn't sure how the snow dyeing technique would work with clamps but they are too fun not to give them a try! 

 I still have some fiddling to do when it comes to how to position the snow on top of a clamped piece for optimum dye coverage. 
 Here is a detail of the multicolored piece. The yellow and orange was a nice pop next to the violet.
In this piece I used only black for color. I wanted to be sure the dye had decent coverage so after the snow melted I scooped some of the dye at the bottom of the tub and poured it over the fabric.

Next I'll try clamps and CD's to see what kind of design I can come up with! Do you have any tips to share?! I'd love to learn more...