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Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh Glorious Snow... You Are Still Here!

The Northeast had a slight reprieve from the bitter cold jet stream this weekend. With 4" of fresh snow and the temperature creeping up into the 30's playing in the snow was a pleasure! 

I didn't take any process photos this session but here is the clean up... phew! 

The clean up photo actually allows you to see what I pull from the recycle bin to create the "snow burst" design. In general any item you place underneath the fabric to elevate it will give you a lovely design. In this session I used the same size containers (on the left) but if you vary the sizes the design is even more interesting... give it a try and remember it's impossible to make a mistake! 

This weekend's finished pieces! 
This is a detail from one of the snow burst centers

This is the full piece at 2 yards
Here is another detail of the snow bursts

These tea towels are much less dramatic but I made them for my 25 year old son who is in need of kitchen supplies (according to his mother!)
This is a second 2 yard piece

Although more mellow the snow bursts are still kinda cool 
Here is the final snow burst to share! Let me know if you try the technique


  1. More beautiful snow flowers. This time they remind me of peonies.

    1. Any thoughts of flowers in this winter weather is welcome!

  2. Gorgeous! Especially that first fabric...spring in the winter! All that snow is certainly good for something after all!

  3. I truly love the fabric! It's just beautiful!