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Monday, November 3, 2014

Time for a Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway!

Yippee! The Printed Fabric Bee is having another custom fabric giveaway! Sorry about the missing photos - many members have been to Quilt Market so their fabric photos will be available soon! 

 Jackie Lams of Studio Lams was the "queen" for October and she chose science as her theme. Jackie says she has always been fascinated by the design of anything at the microscopic level... plants, chemicals, different objects. Jackie feels they all have unique and beautiful designs when viewed through a microscope. She was excited to see how the Printed Fabric Bee artists would translate that into a surface design idea.

The only direction was "no pastels". I was super excited since I love science but as I worked through designs in my head it took some time to rein in all the options. Eventually I honed in on 2 of my favorites chemical elements... caffeine and chocolate! I asked the fabulous artist and thermofax/stencil maker extraordinaire, Terri Stegmiller to create a screen for me from my element design. 

I began with a piece of ice dyed cotton that reminded me of the colors in both coffee and chocolate. Next I used thickened dyes to and my thermofax screen to cover the surface of the fabric with brown, white and cobalt blue elements. I didn't take any pictures of the process... totally forgot which is unlike me! 

For your chance to win a collection of 6" X 6" squares of all the other awesome science inspired fabrics hop over to Jackie's blog and post a comment. She will select a winner on November 17th! 

Have a look at how all these pieces were created by visiting everyone's blogs:

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