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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Screen Collage!

After reading Susan Purney Mark's article titled, "Color Blocking" in the October/November issue of Quilting Arts Magazine I could hardly wait to get started! Susan described using thickened dyes and a silk screen to create blocks of color across the surface of the fabric. I had never thought to use a screen like this; I've only used the screen as a method of transferring a design... this is different - this is cool!  

Susan's technique was very freeing and I've already whipped through 5 yards of of screen collage designs. Here is how I interpreted Susan's method!
I used bright green, raspberry and cobolt blue 

I kept repeating until the surface was filled 

Lastly I added some texture with a non-skid rug mat 

For a twist I added strips of freezer paper on the screen

Once the dye sets I'll add another design to the striped piece... not sure what that will be but it defiantly needs more work! 
Give the technique a try... tweak it and go in all kinds of new directions! 
Thank you Susan... 


  1. sure had fun!! Great fabrics!

  2. Great idea! My challenge is having enough space to work on large pieces... afraid this might need to wait until warmer weather so I can spread out in the garage!

    1. I don't know Judy... you might have to clear some floor space - it's pretty fun!