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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Fun in the Sun!

The initial sun printing on this painted fabric turned out to be a wee bit boring. Since the sun was still strong I covered the surface with a layer of blue paint and placed ice cubes on top. As the ice cubes melted into the folds of the fabric they created a visual texture that made the overall piece more interesting. 
The final piece!
22" X 37"

Boring right - this was the original design!
It defiantly needed another technique to give it some oomph.

Here are the leaf details. I painted on the back side of each leaf before laying on the fabric. This caused more detail of the veins to be imprinted.
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  1. Definitely a big improvement, altho most people wold have been satisfied with the first attempt. It' s interesting that the blue paint didn't cover up the yellow or pink. Was the fabric scrunched or flat for the second painting?

    1. The paint was dry although not heat set when I added the final layer of blue paint. As long as it's dry the first layer won't blend or run into the new layer. I scrunched the fabric to create the folds and then stepped back to let Mother Nature do it's thing!

      Give it a try Norma!