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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bubble Wrap + Paint!

Do you horde packing materials because they have interesting shapes... I do! My box of weird plastic stuff was calling to me so I pulled out some large and small sized packing bubbles. Many of us have used bubble wrap to stamp fabric with great results. I wondered what would happen if I reversed the idea and placed the bubble wrap underneath the fabric.
I laid out as much bubble wrap as I could find but didn't quite have enough to completely cover the entire underside... no worries - this is an experiment so no rules apply!

I misted the fabric surface and applied fabric paint with a big 'ole 3" brush. I wanted to slop on a lot of paint quickly so the paint would have time to meander over and around the lumps and bumps of the bubble wrap before drying out.

This is a detail shot of the texture. It was unexpected and fun... feels like another paint adventure to pack into my bag of tricks!
 I use Setacolor from Dharma Trading Co. What are your fabric paints and techniques?!

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