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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Morning Sky Inspirations!

Over the weekend my days started with a beautiful view of the morning sky. It's such a luxury to lay snuggled under the quilt and slowly start the day - the opposite of how I start my weekdays. This was calm and meditative allowing time to contemplate the projects for the day.

I created a number of fabrics over the past few days including this pink and blue painted piece. This was the morning sky I woke up to .... calm and soft!

I began with 100% cotton painting pink across the surface. I scrunched up the fabric and skimmed blue paint across the peaks and left it in the sunshine to dry. Once dry I pressed with an iron to heat set and voila - a calm and peaceful morning sky! 

This fabric is 100% cotton and was dyed combining the confetti and ice dyed techniques. The day was nice and warm so I brought the fabric outside and sprinkled dye powder across the treated surface. Next I hung on the line and sprayed with treated water allowing the dye to run down the surface. Once it was dry I stuffed the fabric into a bucket and ice dyed it. The result was a stormy look which is how this morning started!

What sky's inspire you?

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