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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Combining Techniques to Add Depth!

I get SO excited when creating a design on fabric! I wake up with an idea and boom... I'm off and running. Because my mind is racing forward to put my ideas into action I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down!

During quieter times I go through my stash and pull out pieces that don't quite feel fully developed. The color combination of this blue, red and yellow sunprinted fabric wasn't working for me so I decided to rework the fabric by combining other surface techniques. 

I began with an ice dyed bath of bright green. Next I used a thermofax screen of a pine branch with green fabric paint and then decolorant. The paint color was so similar that it didn't really pop the way I was hoping and I'd forgotten that the decolorant doesn't work very well with paint. It is best with dye but I didn't have enough in the fabric to make a strong impact. That was disappointing but as an artist I try to learn from each step. 

I added more screens; a feather and a bird. The piece was still not quite flowing... I stamped some bubble wrap across the surface and then splashed it with black. It wasn't until the splashed paint that I felt the piece was "done". 

So, if you have fabric that doesn't quite have the impact you were hoping - keep working and combining techniques until it speaks to you! There are no rules... go for it! I'd love to hear your stories and see you fabric photos! 

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  1. I see the possibilities for a "story cloth" with this piece....very mysterious with the appearance of birds...Love it!

  2. I love the soft elements as blend in your fabric. I am also hard to satisfy as far as my creations go. You can see my journey with fabric art at