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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wonky Lines = FREE Fabric!

The Printed Fabric Bee is ready to reveal the next collection of custom fabrics! 

Remember YOU can win a  6" X 6" fabric pack of the same collection!

Artist Gerrie Congdon was this month's "Queen" and she chose Wonky Lines! I know... Wonky Lines - that's just crazy talk! Gerrie's favorite colors are chartreuse and red... again... crazy talk! I went through a number of ideas and techniques to come up with my design. 

I used the flour resist technique to create Wonky Lines in the background fabric.

Once the flour dried I applied fabric paint.

You can see the Wonky Lines left behind from "combing" the flour resist.
Next I created Wonky Lined leaves from freezer paper!

Added some fabric paint...

Voila! Tons-O-Wonky Lines! 

Do you want to win the fabric collection this month?! Stay tuned for more info...


  1. I love what you did - and yes, I am crazy!! BUT - don't come and comment on my blog until I have all the fabrics for you to see.

  2. Check back for more info on when to begin commenting!

  3. Very cool, Carol…I will be watching both blogs ;^)