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Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Large Snow Dyed Pieces!

Embracing snow dyeing has made me more tolerant of the snow piles that live outside my studio door! I pulled three more 3-yard pieces out of the dye bath today... fun... fun... fun! 

I was thinking about my flower gardens today and
combined 4 different dyes in this piece

This piece is Dutch Chocolate and Havana

This was my surprise piece. I added the three primary colors expecting something completely different than what you see here - I'm not disappointed
but it was a surprise! 


  1. Gorgeous! Nice to see a positive side to all this snow :-)

  2. These are fabulous!! Also living in the frozen tundra, I figure the same....if you can't beat it....embrace it!! The serendipity of dying period is fun...but you can multiply that serendipity when snow dyeing! Your "surprise" piece is my favorite! LET IT SNOW!!!! Oh wait, maybe not. I think we have enough of that "dyeing supply" for the year.....

    1. Kelly - you are a kindred spirit! I took my "surprise" piece this morning and over dyed it with fuchsia and orange! Stay tuned for the results...