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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Printed Fabric Bee & Orange Circles!

Orange Circles everyone.... bouncing, bopping and binging around the fabric! Lynn Krawczyk from Smudged Textile Studios was the first artist of The Printed Fabric Bee  to determine the theme and she chose – Orange Circles!

The piece was challenging to create but that's what makes a collaboration fun - to push and grow! I know Lynn is fond of the green/brown tones and I had this crazy Confetti Dyed piece I'd done earlier that seemed like a good place to start. Now for orange circles... mmmmm.... I started looking at everything in a circular way! I was searching for color and texture that could be incorporated into orange circles.

It's goofy to say but the best tool I found for the project was the stiff cardboard tube from the inside of a spool of ribbon! I dipped it into an orange decolorant and let loose across the surface of the fabric. I also used stamps made from heated foam that allowed me to add texture to the stamp surface.

I set the piece aside for a while to see if I was done. It still needed another layer to achieve a feeling of depth. I mixed up some orange silk screen ink and gathered up a couple of circular sponges for the final push... yes... it's done!

Lynn will reveal the full collection in November but for a sneak peek at what the other artists have created please visit our Facebook page!

Coming soon... you will have an opportunity to win the same beautiful customized fabric being created for the Queen. Each month the "Queen" will give away the same fabric she receives with each piece being 6" X 6".


  1. It turned out great Carol! Thanks so much for being a part of the hive and thanks for sharing how you made your piece.

    1. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to work with such a great group of artists!