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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Combining Techniques: Ice Dyeing, Stencils & Fabric Paint

I'm turning my thoughts to the upcoming winter and the colors we see during that season! I think of sparkling whites, many shades of grey, lavenders, blues, browns and even black. I've been experimenting with ice dyed fabric to capture the right intensity of colors to "read" as winter. I had a grey and lavender piece that stayed on my design wall waiting for more inspiration to come along.

I decided to trace leaves from the yard to create stencils. I lightly stenciled the fabric with shades of brown, gold, beige and white. I wanted just enough color for the illusion of faded leaves left over from autumn.

Next I painted the entire surface with a blue wash of fabric paint. I manipulated the surface and left to dry. I had some other techniques in mind but given the overcast and cool weather I stopped there!

Winter Leaves
1 yard - $30 -100% Cotton

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