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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabric Experimenting!

I had the pleasure of discovering stencils through Terri Stegmiller's blog and I've had a lot of fun using this "new" medium. I encourage you to check out her unique Blog Hop going on right now for a chance to win some of her stencils plus learn how other artists incorporate stencils into their work - you'll be happy - I guarantee it!

Over the past few days I've experimented with confetti dyed fabric and Wendy Aikin's stencil titled, Waterways. It's a small 6" X 6" stencil with many possible interpretations. I was experimenting with the confetti dyed technique trying to create a textured look by manipulating the fabric. Next I used Wendy's stencil but rather than traditional ink or fabric paint I used SoftSrub to bleach the dye out of the fabric. The results were fun and I'm encouraged to keep on playing!

Confetti Dyed Fabric with Stencil

My second experiment came to mind when I was out for a run and picked up some fallen pine needles. I stamped them onto a piece of cotton using Speedball inks. Once dried I painted with a transparent blue fabric paint and threw on a little salt for fun. I'm partial to this blue feeling it's a peaceful color.

Stamped and Painted Fabric
Don't forget to stop by Terri's Blog Hop!


  1. Your experiments came out great! Love the confetti fabric!!! Thanks for sharing with your readers about the blog hop.

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