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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun with Fabric Manipulation

I gathered with my fellow fiber buddies for a day of dyeing fabrics and manipulating the color of fabrics using the discharge method. Everyone had a different approach and the end results were as unique as each of us!

I created a piece using "Softscrub" as the discharge agent and bubble wrap, stencils and old netting - nothing but the best for this project! Once the fabric was cleaned up it kind of appealed to me so I started playing with it. The end results are below.

I call this "Awakening" because it was so much fun to take average found objects and use them differently than their intended use. It truly awakened a spirit of adventure and excitement to keep trying new things and approach projects in a non traditional manner.

Below is a detail of the embroidery I added to highlight the Cali Lily. There are other embellishments of tube beads and iridescent beads from an old necklace my mother gave me (she gave it to me to use in my art... I didn't cut up a necklace she gave as a gift - I felt I should clarify!).

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  1. Carol,
    Your fabric is beautiful! The textures are gorgeous and so unique!