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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Combining Needle Felting with Quilting

The piece below is titled "Friday Afternoon" becasue it's a fantasy place my hubby and I would like to be each Friday as the work week winds down.

I love needle felting and I love quilting so combining the two techniques seemed like fun! I wanted to design a piece that worked with perspective and adjusting the basic Attic Window pattern helped create a feeling of looking into the horizon. The fabric I chose is from my hand dyed collection.

I knew I wanted to use needle felting for the bulk of the design and dyed wool roving specifically for this project. I didn't want any seams showing in the needle felting so I first created a border of batting that I could add the roving directly onto without the seam showing.

I'm partial to including aderondack chairs in my desgins beacue they represent unconditonal relaxing to me. I wove flax to create the beach basket and the towels are a piece of fabric I made using flour/water paste.... squiggly lines and spray paint - yah, I was totaly playing with that one!

When it came to quilting I let the design tell me where to stitch.

1 comment:

  1. Carol,
    I love the softness and depth of the design above! It looks like I am standing on a beach looking at a peaceful time in late afternoon.