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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dyeing with Fruit

We hope our first fiber artist group show will be at a CT winery this fall! As a "wine trail" challenge I'm dyeing fabric with grapes. My first attempt using the grapes was disappointing so I slowed down and remembered how to handle dyeing with natural products. I created a journal of what steps I took so I can repeat the process later - in theory at least! The theme of our show will be "Harvest" so what better way to create harvest colors than to dye with natural products! I have my eye on a package of cranberries I unearthed in the freezer for my next dyeing attempt. I'm going to rummage through my spices to see what interesting colors I can come up with... more later!

Below are the results with the grapes. I either left the fabric untreated or treated the finished product with white vinegar or alum.
 Purple Grapes

1 - Silk (vinegar), 2 - Cotton (vinegar), 3 - Silk (no treatment), 4 - Silk (alum), 5 - Cotton (no treatment)

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