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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chinese Lanterns

This 36" X 36" piece is titled Chinese Lanterns and created using a variation of the traditional log cabin block. Although I don't usually work within traditional boundaries I entered the Keepsake Quilting challenge this spring and the log cabin block was required. I was given 6 fabrics and had to use at least 4 plus add up to 2 fabrics of my own. The colorful fabrics are from the shop and the brown/black background is from my "discharge" collection. I embellished the background with some gold stenciling and stamping (I couldn't resist!). I didn't earn any recognition from Keepsake Quilting but I had fun stretching my imagination to create a traditional wall hanging with the log cabin block! Chinese Lanterns will be available for sale at Keepsake Quilting in Meredith, New Hampshire June through September.

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