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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Walk Series Returns!

Although I haven't been posting finished product from my "Weekend Walk" series in a few weeks I have been out walking! There is nothing more refreshing then getting out to walk and have the tensions of the week fall behind you and letting the beauty of nature take over. It's taken me some extra time to produce this series because it has multiple layers.
Let me walk you through it...

I first painted a couple of fat quarters using colors that reminded me of how the sunlight dapples through the tree canopy - kind of light yellow-green near the top and as your eye moves towards the ground the greens become deeper and blend with earth tones. Next I stamped leaves I had collected onto the fabric.

The next step was to paint some tree silhouettes. I used a couple of different browns, black, blue to represent lichen and finally I took the fabric outside to lay across a tree trunk and used Shiva Sticks as a rubbing.

The final step was to stamp more leaves as a final layer. It was fun to attempt to create a piece with depth. I was thinking about treating the fabric a mini whole cloth quilt... maybe add some 3-dimensional leaves for interest. The quilting would provide a lot of depth and make the whole piece pop!

I'll add the fat quarters to the hand dyed and hand painted fabrics tab if you're interested in purchasing a piece to quilt for yourself!

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