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Friday, February 1, 2019

#4 in my Family Series is Complete!

I have a slowly evolving family series in fabric wall art that I've been working on over the past few years. They are personal and meant to evoke a memory or capture something I've been thinking about. 
Friday Nights with Nana
Every Friday night my family would drive from CT to NH for a weekend of skiing. We would stop at my Nana's house along the way to sleep over before heading to the slopes Saturday morning. My Nana was a fun loving and intriguing person. Her lifestyle was very different from what I knew in my young life so it always felt like an adventure being with her. She had a rocking chair that terrified me! It was made of some type of plastic that felt icky against my skin and it was a high backed chair which didn't seem to balance properly. It always felt like I was a half second from going over backwards! But of course as a kid I continued to rock! Friday night was also Lawrence Welk night on TV... an a one an a two! Nana typically had a knitting or crochet project going and she smoked... and smoked! Eventually she got emphysema but back then the tobacco companies were selling their story that cigarettes were safe. 

This piece is whimsical and meant to be light hearted. Nana was a giggler and happy to play with a little girl. Her unconditional love helped shape my character and she will always be tucked away in my heart.

I hope you have someone whose memory makes you smile!