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Carol R. Eaton Designs

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

CFAC Identity Show

Although the venue is tiny we hope to share our love of fiber art with the community. If we can challenge one budding artist to try a new approach than it's all been worthwhile. The Identity pieces will be on display through the month of November at the Levi Coe Library in Middlefield, CT.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Diane Cadrain's "Sanctuary"

Levi Coe Library Presents


A collection of small art quilts created by the

on display through the month of November at 414 Main Street, Middlefield
i·den·ti·ty ~ (-dnt-t) The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; individuality.
The collection is unique and inspirational

Special Event November 3rd

5:30 – 6:45 Artist Reception: We invite you to meet the artists for an opportunity to learn more about the design process and techniques used when creating their pieces.
6:00 – 6:45 Hands on quilting demonstration by nationally recognized fiber artist Mary Lachman and sale of hand dyed fabrics, hand painted silk scarves, and felted purses by artist Carol Eaton.

Cher Hurney's "I Dream in Color"

Karen Loprete's "Identity"

Carol Eaton's "Wants vs Needs"

Participating artists: Carol Vincik, Diane Cadrain, Rosalind Spann, Mary Lachman, Carol Eaton, Diane Wright, Cher Hurney, Antonia Torres and Karen Loprete

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Felted Purses

I'm having the best time creating felt and turning it into little purses! It's so much fun to combine my hand dyed wool and silk roving and ending up with completely different colors for a new piece of felt.

Give it a try yourself - you'll be hooked! 

This clutch has a magnetic closure

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective

Mary Lachman has been busy creating a blog for our fiber arts group! Please visit the site for the latest informaiton on the group and individual artists at Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective.


The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective is putting together our 3rd show with an "Identity" theme. We're creating small works that relate to our perception of Identity. It's difficult to portray yourself in such a small space... I felt like I was tweeting in fabric! The show will be hosted by the Levi Coe Library in Middlefield, CT for the month of November! I came up with 4 designs... remember they are not a likeness, they are a suggestion!

This piece is tilted "Self Indulgence" and represents my love of
all things coffee and chocolate!

The second piece is titled "Wants vs. Needs". I was feeling rather pouty
because my desire to spend all my waking hours in my studio
was interrupted by my real-life responsibilities!

Here we have "Granola Girl" because I'm happiest when I feel
a connection to nature and all that she offers!

Finally we have "Firmly Planted" which represents the strong family ties
and connections I have with me at all times; my family is amazing!

Please join the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective for a meet the artist reception at the Levi Coe Library on November 3rd. Mary Lachman will be giving a hands on demonstration of quilting from 6:00 - 6:45 followed by the artist reception. I will also be there with hand dyed and hand painted fabrics for sale... it's going to be quite a night! I hope you can stop by!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Felted Purses

These are sweet little purses! The size is just right for your cell, wallet and a few other must have items.I start with white raw wool roving and dye it using fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading. The technique is called wet felting which turns the raw product into a solid and durable fiber. The flowers are made using the needle felting technique and attached to the purse. Availability information is located by clicking the "felted handbags and scarves".

Hand painted silk scarves!

I've been busy creating a series of hand painted silk scarves. I start with a piece of white silk and Pueblo paints from Dharma Trading. I love the freedom that comes with painting on silk - the colors instantly move and migrate with surprising results. I created a few different styles... some are long and thin... some are wide enough for a wrap and others add just a splash of color without the bulk. Availability information on the "silk scarves" tab. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Ice Cube Painting!

I had a chance to visit my son in northern Vermont this weekend... wow... did it ever rain! For my weekend walk series I wanted to recreate the feeling of being cold and wet. Thankfully the sun was shining today so I thought I would use my ice cube painting technique to capture the feeling I had up in Vermont.

I was going for a stormy feeling so I mixed up some "storm cloud" paint and
 laid out the fabrics in the beautiful sun! 


I painted the fabric a solid blue and then placed ice cubes randomly across the surface. I sprinkled salt across the fabric because it helps the paint migrate creating interesting patterns.

Once the fabric was dry I heat set the paint with a dry iron. I'm not sure the fabric will remind you of my cold and rainy weekend but it was fun to play with paints, fabric and ice cubes!