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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chinese Lanterns

This 36" X 36" piece is titled Chinese Lanterns and created using a variation of the traditional log cabin block. Although I don't usually work within traditional boundaries I entered the Keepsake Quilting challenge this spring and the log cabin block was required. I was given 6 fabrics and had to use at least 4 plus add up to 2 fabrics of my own. The colorful fabrics are from the shop and the brown/black background is from my "discharge" collection. I embellished the background with some gold stenciling and stamping (I couldn't resist!). I didn't earn any recognition from Keepsake Quilting but I had fun stretching my imagination to create a traditional wall hanging with the log cabin block! Chinese Lanterns will be available for sale at Keepsake Quilting in Meredith, New Hampshire June through September.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dyeing with Fruit

We hope our first fiber artist group show will be at a CT winery this fall! As a "wine trail" challenge I'm dyeing fabric with grapes. My first attempt using the grapes was disappointing so I slowed down and remembered how to handle dyeing with natural products. I created a journal of what steps I took so I can repeat the process later - in theory at least! The theme of our show will be "Harvest" so what better way to create harvest colors than to dye with natural products! I have my eye on a package of cranberries I unearthed in the freezer for my next dyeing attempt. I'm going to rummage through my spices to see what interesting colors I can come up with... more later!

Below are the results with the grapes. I either left the fabric untreated or treated the finished product with white vinegar or alum.
 Purple Grapes

1 - Silk (vinegar), 2 - Cotton (vinegar), 3 - Silk (no treatment), 4 - Silk (alum), 5 - Cotton (no treatment)